Google Quick Search Box (Cobalt)

Thank you for working with QSB and giving us so much encouragement and feedback. We really appreciate it.

Here is the long awaited next beta. Hopefully you find it has been worth the wait. A handful of the many, many issues we have fixed are listed below, but some of the big highlights are:

You will also notice the branding has changed significantly. We are moving from being a Google project, to a fully open sourced project. This means that we will are now soliciting external developers. If you are interested in helping out, please join the mailing list and get in touch.

You will also notice that some features have been removed (the big one being the Twitter plugin) but fear not. These have been moved to our plugins page. You can find them here You may find some new functionality that you didn't know existed.

This is still a beta, so please file issues on any bugs you see.

Please consider joining our mailing list at .

Issues can be filed on our issues list at .